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Friday, April 4, 2014

How To Break The News That You're Pregnant

There are all sorts of fun ways to let your friends and loved ones know you're pregnant, but telling your older children can be especially challenging when they are going to feel the most impacted by it, yet aren't the ones responsible for the situation.  Tell your husband and he can't really complain.  "Um, yeah. You were there.  Remember?"  This is so much easier when your kids are toddlers and are pretty much oblivious to this kind of stuff.

So, hypothetically speaking, let's say I were pregnant and that my 14-year-old were set on getting his own room when we move in the near future.  This might lessen his chances by a lot, especially if we can't afford a large house.

I would try to lessen the blow by easing him into the news, first by telling all of my children on April Fools Day because they know I'm big into tricking people and they wouldn't believe me, but there would be that small percentage of doubt that would gnaw at them and then they would start to contemplate life with another small human in the house.  If the kids ask questions like, "Uh huh ...... Where's your pregnancy test?"  You say, "I don't have to prove anything to you!  You should believe your own mother!" That further convinces them that you are not pregnant.

Give them a few days to think about the (possibly disturbing) possibility and then make them a really nice dinner that contains something they all like.  Beat around the bush for a long time, look at them sheepishly, and then tell them.

When the shock wears off, make them tell your parents.  Really, I'm no expert at
this though because it's hypothetical (and hasn't happened yet).  On an unrelated note, I better run out and get the ingredients for fettuccine Alfredo, garlic bread, my kids' favorite salad, ice cream, possibly candy, sparkling cider, and make some fresh squeezed lemonade for my child who hates all things carbonated. 

How do you break your pregnancy news?

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