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Friday, February 7, 2014

Developing Musical Talent

I had the wonderful privilege today of accompanying our middle school choir as they visited our local elementary schools and performed for them.  It is so great to think about how many kids decided today in their minds that they will want to be a part of the music program at school whether it's choir, band, or orchestra.  Music has such an amazing effect on people's bodies and souls.

I was just talking to a conductor the other night about the chorus I'm in and how we're having a hard time recruiting as many men as we would like to.  He said, "I'm afraid it's only going to get worse.  With music being cut in the schools, a lot more kids these days can't even match pitches."

I think it's more than that. We need to be listening to music more in our homes and elsewhere - real music.  Not pop music with a five note range.  My children are musical and I don't think it's just genetics, but because I play music and sing all the time.  We also listen to a variety of music in the car.  I never could bring myself to drive around with toddler CD's playing.

There also seems to be a belief that boys are supposed to do sports and that music is for geeks or feminine boys.  This is not true!  I have had the privilege of singing with some very masculine and talented men who bring tears to my eyes when I listen to them. 

If your kids display musical talent and you have the means, please help them develop it and have them take lessons!  I hate to think that it will become a dying art.  From my own experience, there are fewer pianists to take the load off of me, which means there are fewer future teachers, and then even less students, etc. 

Music is so much more important than people even realize.

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