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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wholesome Family Recreation

Wholesome recreation plays an important role in creating successful marriages and families. It helps lay a foundation where children can build virtuous and happy lives. Wholesome recreation also helps to create loving memories that can be called upon in more difficult times. 

But wholesome recreation isn't the same as aimless leisure. Having meaningful recreational opportunities within that family takes forethought and spontaneity--both careful planning and a willingness to modify plans in the moment. 

Also, family recreation doesn't always mean that all family members participate. Instead, it may be just couples or smaller groups of family members, such as a father and daughter going on a date. 

It is important that we include recreation in our families so that our families can grow and be strengthened. Below is a list of tips for encouraging wholesome family recreation within your family.
  • Plan recreational activities ahead of time--mark them on the calender
  • Plan age-appropriate activities for the family
  • Plan recreational activities that will foster the development of family members
  • Limit the consumption of media (such as TV, Internet, Radio, and movies)
  • Intentionally establish rituals that connect family members and foster family love
  • Create one-on-one time with each family member through recreation
  • Be of service as part of wholesome family recreation
How as recreation helped strengthen your family?

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