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Thursday, September 12, 2013

To Induce or Not To Induce?

The burning question that all “overdue” pregnant moms consider. Should I or should I not be induced? Your practitioner will recommend induction when the risks of waiting for labor to start on its own are higher than the risks of the procedures used to get your labor going. At first, I thought this was something I would never do. It seemed unnatural to essentially force labor to start. However, as my due date came and went, induction became a real option for me. If your doctor decides to induce labor, they will most likely use the drug pitocin. This drug is a synthetic oxytocin, the hormone that a woman’s body naturally produces that causes contractions to begin. It is important for women to know about this possibility so that they can make an informed decision if confronted with the need to be induced. Here is how my doctor presented it to me:

-creates contractions in the uterus
-speeds up labor process
-decreases the risk of a Caesarean section

-constant monitoring by nurses and doctors
-administered through an IV (no showering or moving around)
-can sometimes create stronger contractions

There are many other techniques used to induce labor, so make sure to discuss all possibilities with your practitioner well before your due date. 

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