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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mommy Daddy Date Night - Babysitter Instructions!

So you are ready for date night! Now to worry about the babysitter! I was terrified the first time I left my new baby alone with a babysitter. I probably called fifty times, in the first hour! Here are some tips to get you organized so that you can feel comfortable and really enjoy your time away with your spouse! You deserve it parents!
Make a list of some basic instructions for your kiddos. Things like : Favorite activities, bedtime routine, feeding instructions, and other tips like where the diapers and wipes are and what to do if baby gets cranky!
Get a basket of snacks together for the babysitter, that way they aren't rummaging thru the cupboards and you know they are happy and fed!
Make a sheet of instructions on how to use the cable and tv remotes!
Babysitter Info sheet- the basic sheet of info for all babysitters, things that are most important! Such as Mom's cell phone number, Dad's cell phone number, 911 and what your address is so that they can give clear instructions to the operator if heaven forbid, it is needed. Other numbers like grandma and grandpa, neighbor, or friend, someone who can help them out if they can't get ahold of you! Where you will be, and the phone number if applicable. What time you will be home. Kids names, ages, and special instructions such as, Kate age 9 , allergic to peanut butter!
Print out this paper and have it in a very visible spot, and point it out to babysitter, this sheet gives CPR instructions in 3 easy steps :
Now, everything is ready and organized, go enjoy your date!!!!
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