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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Diaper Bag Essentials

My sister just gave birth to the most perfect little bundle of joy, and with me being a parent for almost 12 years, I was happy to give her some advice and send her a little bag full of must-haves for the diaper bag!

I thought I would share it with you also! Of course everyone knows to pack diapers in the diaper bag, but there are a few little tricks and tips of things to keep in your bag that don't take up much room, but could totally save you in an emergency ( especially the poopy kind!)

Diaper Bag Essentials :

*ID- just use a luggage tag, have your name and cell phone number on it, plus an emergency contact number

*Extra tshirt for mom- the baby WILL puke on you at some point

*Little scented garbage bags or walmart bags - to put poopy clothes in

*Extra binkys- they will get lost .... have backup!

*Small towels ( clean cloth diapers)- perfect for burp rags!

*Little Tummys brand gripe water- really good for colic

*Nose aspirator ( booger sucker)- for those tiny little nostrils

*Wipes.... lots and lots of wipes- enough said.

*Formula babies .... bring formula and bottled water, so easy to mix

*Breastfed babies.... extra water bottle for mommy

*Hand sanitizer

*Teething gel or teething tablets ( Hyland brand is awesome)

*Shout brand wipes, or any kind of stain remover wipes ( when the baby spits up on the new sweater that grandma knit... take it off and wipe it quick! :)

*Extra outfits for baby..... they will poop and puke!

*A small thing of lotion... after they have an "accident" rub it all over them, so people can drool over how wonderful your baby smells! Also good for mommy's dry hands!

*Diapers... this one is self-explanatory! IT is called a diaper bag for a reason!

Good luck to all the new momma's and dad's!




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