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Friday, February 8, 2013

Eating Crow

I think we all said some interesting phrases before we became parents.  If you're not a parent yet, beware.  You might end up with a heaping serving of crow.

One of my best friends wrote a blog post called "Eating Crow" years ago after the birth of one of her children.  She had been so sure that only hippies breastfeed their children past 6 months.  She would never co-sleep with her babies.  Never.  Her children would also never watch more than 30 minutes of TV per day. 
She said when I was a new mom, I was very nice about these things she would utter and little did she know, motherhood was going to be much more difficult than she could imagine.  When her baby was about 3 months old, she asked me, "Why didn't you tell me it was going to be this hard?!"  I said, "I did.  I guess you didn't believe me."  I had told her plenty about my husband working graveyard and being alone all night with our son, with no one else to rock him.  No matter what I did, he wouldn't sleep in his bed or stay asleep.  I could hardly function, so I gave up on the no co-sleeping rule.  One morning I told my husband, "I think he slept a five hour stretch!"  He said, "No, when I got home, he was latched on and you were snoring." 
I grinned with validation as my friend told me the only way to get any sleep was to let her baby sleep with her.  Breastfeeding?  Two years later and she still hadn't managed to wean her daughter.  She has managed to do a pretty decent job with the TV rule. 
In my pre-parent days, I was convinced my kids wouldn't throw terrible tantrums because I would be so consistent with my awesome parenting skills, they would know it was pointless.  Funny, huh?
What are some things you said you would never do as a parent? 

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