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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Years Resolution: Take time to be with your family

As the holiday season concludes, it is usually a time when we look back and re-evaluate our priorities.

Typically over the holidays, we remember family members and friends, and spend time with them. But come January 2nd, or shortly afterward, those feelings of being around those we care for, and being positive and warm, tend to dwindle away.

However, this desire of being close to your family may linger a bit longer this year after what happened in Connecticut, where 28 children and adults were killed, and earlier on the same day in Chenpeng, China where 22 children and adults were slashed. There were at least 50 families who went home with one less member, and probably already had the presents prepared.

Not that every day needs to be treated as the last day of the world, but there needs to be a time each day to cherish the moment that you are in. Your child will only be 7 years old and 187 days once in their life time, and that is something to celebrate.

So here are some ideas to keep cherishing the moments, and celebrating time with your family.

  • Take time to share a meal together. Often we focus on having dinner together, but with busy schedules for both parents and children, this may be difficult to do. Aim at having breakfast, lunch, or even an evening dessert together.
  • Find five positives to say to your child each day. We often include mixed negative messages when communicating with our children, especially teenagers, even when we say a neutral statement. So be sure to highlight the good.
  • Be involved in the routine. Don’t just be standing there on your cell phone, or Facebook-ing as your child is getting ready in the morning, driving to school or going to bed. Be in the present with them, sharing the moment with them.
  • Act like you appreciate your children. Yes, the late nights, or even sleepless nights, cause wear and tear on parents, and makes parenting the opposite of the dream.  But you are a parent to lovely children, show that you love them and appreciate them, even during the difficult times.
  • Give a hug. If you have little ones, get down to their level and share a hug with them. This moment of connection, is also a moment vulnerability, which can help enhance the relationship with your child. At times this may be difficult gesture, but keep it as a habit.

As you spend time with, and cherish those moments that you have together, and celebrate being together, you will find that family memories will be created and occur naturally as each of you is in the present moment with one another.

Written by:
Josh Lockhart Locking Hearts Together

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