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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to Manage Both Your Toddler and Your New Baby

Coping with both your toddler and a new baby can be a quite difficult task, especially if no one assists you. It can be a little easier though if you get organized. Here are a few things to consider...

Preparing a toddler plays a vital role. Most of the tots have a very pleasant nature by which they easily accept and welcome the new baby provided the parents or, for the most part, the mother pays the same attention towards the tot even after the birth of a new baby.

Prepare well ahead of time for forthcoming situations. Understand the toddler’s frame of mind and proceed. This at times becomes tough to manage, but it’s all in how you engage your toddler in an expressive manner. See that at any instant, they don’t get vexed. Make them understand the baby’s nature and compare it with their own developmental level.

Make your toddler conscious from the very beginning that the new baby loves her/ him and is observing the way you play, talk, etc. Tell them that the baby is interested in you and has an eye on what you are doing and how you play. This makes them more enthusiastic about the new baby.

Instruct the toddler in an agreeable way on how he/she should behave with the new baby and on how the baby has to be treated. Show them photos of their childhood and express to them how they were treated at that time. This gives them a good sense of how the baby has to be carefully handled.

Make sure to also take time out for your toddler. Most toddlers can’t tolerate if the mother is always tied up with the baby. Therefore, bringing up a new baby over a toddler is an equally challenging task because, the elder shouldn’t feel that he isn’t being cared.

Author Bio: This guest article was written by Maria Benson, who loves to write articles on various topics like finance, health, and technology. Previously she has done research on ppi claims. Currently she focuses on business related articles.

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