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Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Memories

I have had some very eye opening experiences this past month or so, which have led me to work on preserving our memories.  A friend lost a child at Thanksgiving and had a beautiful slideshow, mostly of all the things they did outdoors.  They certainly did a lot together in those 18 months.  Last night we had an ornament exchange/service party and she came.  She told me she spent the day taking down her daughter's crib and my heart just ached!  So many parents are thinking about what they're going to buy their kids for Christmas and now she and her husband are facing not having a daughter anymore.  I got home about 10pm and went into my kids' room to hug them.  I didn't care if they were already asleep. 
So I found myself scrambling to make sure I knew exactly where my most precious photos were and I realized something.  I wasn't looking for any pictures of my family opening presents.  I wanted the trips to cut down our Christmas trees, the gingerbread house making nights, our visits to see a garden of lights, our rare days we got to play in the snow together, etc.  It's about what we got to do together.  We don't remember so much what we received on Christmas, but we remember what we did.
With my family when I was growing up, our best Christmas was staying in our jammies all day while we played a new board game.  We laughed so much and learned a lot about each other too.  I'm trying to put the focus on making memories this year.  We're going to go Christmas caroling together and deliver treats to friends and neighbors, which we have never done before as a family.
Merry Christmas to you!  I hope it is filled with joy and the people you love the most. 

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