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Monday, November 26, 2012

Three Gifts of Christmas


Christmas continues to become more commercialized every year. The more commercialized Christmas becomes, the more the true meaning of Christmas becomes lost. Retail employees are outright forbidden to wish customers "Merry Christmas" and instead are quite often instructed to say "Happy Holidays."

Although it is important for parents to teach their children to respect individuals and various religions, it does not have to come at the cost of taking Christ out of Christmas. There are many ways that families can incorporate Christ into Christmas: attend a church service, have a "Happy Birthday" cake for Jesus, making gift boxes for the less fortunate, and many others.

Parents can talk about the gifts that were given to Christ after his birth. The meaning behind each gift can be applied to gifts to children of any age. Gold is a gift of importance, frankincense is a gift of spirituality, and myrrh is a gift of body pampering.

A "gold" gift for a child could be something that is important to them. This does not necessarily mean it needs to be expensive. A "frankincense" gift for a child could be something that will bless them spiritually. It could be their first Bible, having their name imprinted on a Bible they already own, spiritual music, a devotional book, or other items of spiritual benefit. A "myrrh" gift could be something that will pamper their body. Items such as bathing items, perfume or cologne, nail polish or make-up, or other items for the body.

The significance of the "Three Gifts of Christmas" is the meaning behind the gifts the children receive. The holiday season provides a unique opportunity for parents to build a solid foundation for the framework of their family and children's spirituality. May you all have a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

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