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Friday, November 2, 2012

Dealing With Leftover Halloween Candy

Like many parents, I am dealing with a plethora of Halloween candy.  Said another parent to me last night, "I think I'll hand some out at Cub Scouts next week."  I believe my exact words were, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"
Between our four children, we have five gallon size Ziploc bags full of candy, plus the candy we didn't hand out because no one knocked on our door.  If you're worried about your kids eating too much candy, I have some ideas for you.
1.  Help them eat it.  It's for their own good.
2.  Let them gorge on it until they vomit.  Some health expert on some show recommended this, saying that it's actually better than letting them eat it every day for months.  (I know, I'm being really specific here.)  If you hate dealing with vomit, keep reading.
3.  Chop it up for ice cream toppings.  Do you have a child's birthday coming up?  This would make some delicious sundaes for a party.
4.  Put it in your Christmas fudge.  I have a friend who does this, with only the chocolate variety, of course.  Who wants Skittles in their fudge?  Your friends might also hate you for giving it to them though because they're still trying to get rid of their Halloween candy.
5.  Hide some and put it in their stockings later.  It saves you money too!
6.  Blend some into a delicious shake.  A friend said she blended milk, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, bananas, and ice.
7.  Find a dentist who is willing to pay for the candy.  Seriously, a friend told me their dentist does this, paying per pound.
8.  Throw most of it in the garbage for the good of everyone.  Personally, I hate this idea almost as much as letting the kids eat it until they vomit.
Because I have done too much of number one, I'm going to make myself a salad.  Good luck with your Halloween aftermath!

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