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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Practical Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong

From my experience, a successful marriage hinges on the following key habits: creating satisfying love and friendship rituals, creating a safe place to discuss issues openly and finally, utilizing good communication skills to express feelings and opinions . Sounds simple..doesn't it?
As we navigate through life, we are sometimes faced with many challenges such as work related issues, health problems and financial difficulties that can put enormous strain on a marriage. This being said, it seems more and more difficult to set  aside time for our spouse.
Since a strong marriage is one in which the married couple spends quality time together, couples have to make time to just be alone together. Here are a few ideas to keep your marriage strong:
1) Set aside time everyday to talk with your spouse. Talk about issues openly and resolve them in an efficient manner. Don't leave issues unresolved for an extended period of time.
2) Create meaningful rituals. For example, plan a romantic supper or a weekend getaway.
3) Write a letter to your spouse telling him or her how important he or she is to you. 
4) Keep a journal. For example, write each other love notes. 
When married couples share meaningful experiences, they stay emotionally connected to each other and can become better equipped to face life's challenges.
What are you doing to keep your marriage strong?
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