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Saturday, April 14, 2012

5 Great Reasons to Introduce Music to Your Child

I was planning on introducing my children to music, just because I love it and it has brought me so much joy through my life. But, as I was reading up on the various ways to do that, as well as which instruments, I learned so much more about why all kids should be introduced to it.

So, I’m glad that I already made the decision to move forward with it, and probably will start with the piano. But, I was so intrigued by what I learned that I am going to share some of the reasons why so many experts believe it’s a healthy avenue for kids to take.

So, read on to hear more about how your children could benefit from music.

1. Stress Relief

Music can be a great source of stress relief for adults, so it can only be assumed that it will be for our children as well. I was reading an article about music and the effects it can have on stress, when I came across the following quote:

“During the Gulf War, the few opportunities I had for relaxation I always listened to music and it brought me great peace of mind. I have shared my love of music with people throughout the world, while listening to the drums and special instruments of the Far East, Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Far North, and all of this started with the music appreciation course that I was taught in a third-grade elementary class in Princeton, New Jersey. What a tragedy it would be if we lived in a world where music was not taught to children.” – General Norman Schwarzkopf, US Army

Not only did he find it as a source of relaxation in the midst of a war, but also acknowledges that it is a result of being introduced to it in grade school. I think this is a great testament on how music can benefit our children’s life.

2. Discipline and Structure

Learning about music, or how to play an instrument, can instill discipline and structure into a child’s life. It takes a certain amount of both to stick to developing any art. Taking lessons will not only teach my children how to play the piano, but will also provide some added structure to their lives.

This would even be true if they learn piano online, as long as they had structured guidelines and lesson plans to follow.

3. Improved Studies

Experts are claiming that taking up music, whether it’s vocal or instrumental, improves a child’s studies. In fact, a much higher percentage of children with musical backgrounds go to college, than those who have not taken lessons at all.

Dr. James Catterall of UCLA said, “A ten-year study indicates that students who study music achieve higher test scores, regardless of socioeconomic background.”  

This alone is good enough reason for wanting my children to study music, and the earlier, the better.

4. Culture and Arts

I want to introduce my children to music, as a way to tap into their creative side. Exposure to the arts is a great way to inspire and expand their minds. As an adult, I can appreciate a great work of art, including:

·         Painting
·         Music
·         Poetry
·         Sculptures
·         Dance

Knowing what it takes to create one piece of art helps me to realize the work that goes into to each piece. I took piano lessons when I was younger, so when I hear a great piano solo, I know that it’s far more than simply sitting down and plucking away at the keys.

I want my children to have that appreciation for the arts.

5. Lifetime Enjoyment

Even if the 4 reasons above weren’t powerful enough to convince me, I want my children to have a skill that they can carry with them through their entire life, one that will give them joy. Just as the above reasons are good for them as children, it is for adults as well.

As I mentioned earlier, I plan on starting my children with the piano, for two reasons. I think it’s a beautiful, and lifetime instrument. But also, I believe it’s a great instrument to start with when they are young.

I want them to learn how to read music for piano and learn to play on that first. They can opt for different instruments in the future. However, having a piano out in the open for the kids to practice whenever they want will make it easier for them to grow into the world of music.

In Closing

I learned when I was researching music lessons that it’s a powerful tool in raising my children. So, I hope that I have shared some information with you that will inspire you to introduce your children to music. They will thank you for it someday.


Melissa Cameron is a freelance writer, and married with two young children. She often writes on helpful information she discovers to share with her readers. Her husband refers to her as a walking infomercial.

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