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Monday, February 27, 2012

4 Easy Ways Your Kids Can Re-Make Their Old Clothes

All parents know how expensive it can get to keep your kids clothed, and most of us will use the clothes the family already has on hand to pass down as kids outgrow them. As handy as this method is for us, it can be less than exciting for kids to have to wear clothes that their older siblings have already claimed as their own. Instead of fighting it out with a resistant 10-year-old, try letting them create their own unique styles out of their or their siblings old clothing. It saves you money, gives your children a chance to express themselves, and is a fun way to do something together. Here are four easy ideas for your next hand-me-down D.I.Y.!

1. Iron-on Transfer Patches

Iron-on patches are an awesome way to update an old t-shirt, backpack or jean jacket. It saves you the trouble of sewing anything on, and it’s a really easy thing for kids to do on their own or as your helper. First, clean the garment as well as you can. Next, use any kind of iron-on patches you like. You can find tons of different letters which can be ironed on individually to spell out anything your child wishes. Try letters in fun prints, like these on You can also find patches of almost anything under the sun, from butterflies to Power Rangers. Look for some inexpensive ones and let your kids go to town.

2. Tie Dye

Tie dye is not only for adults. Kids can do it, too! Make your own tie-dye station at home by looking up a how-to video, like this kid-friendly method from Youtube. Or buy a tie-dye kit made for kids, like this.

3. Hot Glue and Jewels

If you have young fashionistas in your house fighting over who gets last year’s hand-me-downs, or better yet, complaining about having to wear last year’s hand-me-downs, it’s time to break out the sparkles. You can choose jewels of any shade or size, and then all you need is a hot glue gun to occupy your kids for hours and come out with some great new clothes that they will actually wear. Depending on their ages, you may need to help with the glue gun part, but there is really not much too it. Just glue it, and stick it!

4. Remake Old Jeans

If you are recycling old pants and handing them down to a younger child, give them the option to turn them into something new altogether. There are tons of ways to re-make old pairs of jeans into new articles of clothing. You can cut them and sew them back together to make a skirt, or simply cut them off at the bottom to make shorts. Go the extra mile and let your kids put jewels or patches on their new denim looks!

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