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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Importance Of Individual Time With Your Kids

My son had a rare opportunity recently to make some money.  He participated in a fundraiser and won some gift cards for being the top seller and he got to do a game study for cash.  I wondered what he would do with it and he said, "Mom, I want to take you out for the whole day."

It was such a wonderful experience!  Why would a 12-year-old want to take his mom out?  Because in our family, spending quality time with Mom or Dad is our kids' favorite thing to do.  We usually alternate which child gets to stay up with us on a Friday or Saturday night and we do an activity of their choice, usually watching a movie.  Over Winter break, one of my sons asked me to do a 500 piece puzzle with him.  Other times we have bonus nights for whoever is on their best behavior.  I've never seen them so well behaved!  I took each of them out on a date not too long ago and wish it were something I could do more often.

When my husband was growing up, they also rotated who got to stay up later than the rest of the kids.  It was part of their Family Home Evening chart - a night where LDS families gather weekly to have a lesson, treat, prayer, etc.  One child would be in charge of the treat, another gave the lesson, but the most sought after spots were "Talk Time With Mom" and "Talk Time With Dad".  They got to stay up just a little bit later and have individual time with their parents. 

In my family, my mom would choose someone to make her bi-monthly trip to the Commissary with her.  It was about a 45 minute drive out to the base and she would buy us some hot chocolate and a doughnut from Winchell's.  It didn't cost much, but the opportunity to talk to her about whatever I wanted meant the world to me.  It was also a good lesson on how to grocery shop.  She explained why we got our frozen food last, but making sure to put the bread on top so it didn't get squished.  Sometimes she even needed me to push my own cart.  I felt so helpful!

I highly recommend scheduling regular individual time with your children.  They will love it and it will improve your relationship.

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