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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Well do you Know your Teen? 10 Questions you should Know the Answers to

By Dyan Eybergen

Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your teen will help continue to build a relationship that is mutually respectful. When parent's promote a safe, nonjudgmental mileau, teens are more apt to come to their parents when they need advice or guidance than those teens who do not talk to their parents on a regular basis. This isn't to suggest your kids will tell you everything about how they are thinking or feeling or what they are up to, but having open communication will lessen the odds that you're teen is getting into trouble without you knowing, and before its too late.

The first step in talking with your teen is taking a vested interest in their friends, their passions and interests. The second is listening. Really listening to what your teens have to say, even if you don't agree with what they are saying.

Here are 10 questions you should know the answers to about your teen and their life. If you don't know the answer to anyone of these, start opening up the channels of communication now and get to know your teen better.

  1. What is your teens favourite band (music)?
  2. What are first and last names of 5 of your teens closest friends?
  3. What is the thing that annoys your teen the most?
  4. Who does your teen most admire (real or fictional)?
  5. What is my teens favourite book/movie?
  6. What hobbies or sports does your teen enjoy?
  7. Do you know what your teens Facebook status is right now?
  8. Who does your teen hang out with on lunch at school?
  9. Do you know what your teen feels most confident doing?
  10. Who/what influences your teen the most?
Communicating and getting to know your teen takes time and effort. Use time together to connect by using thought provoking questions. Reserve opinions that will criticize; instead, engage your teen in an active discussion that will guide him/her to think about a variety of choices and consequences to those choices that will lead him/her to make positive, healthy decisions.



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