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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Life Lessons our Children Teach Us

By: Dyan Eybergen

We often look to those who are older than us when seeking wisdom or to give us insight about life experience. But sometimes, the most astonishing perception about spirituality and morality come from our children.

Here are a collection of lessons learned from the words of those pure of heart:

I know it's hard for you to believe in Jesus; you're mom never told you about Him. When you die, you'll find out...Travis 5 yrs
I am not a little people! I am a BIG little people! I am as BIG as a miracle...Madelyn 4 yrs
In a way God is my best friend; I can go to Him in my time of need and He will answer my prayers...Nolan 12yrs
We're all created the same right Mommy? Colour and the shape of someones eyes and height are just things that make us unique; but were all human...Tricia 9yrs
Mommy I know you don't feel well enough to go to Church today. I figure we could just take time to pray during the day...Nolan 8yrs
Daddy you should send your brother a card or something. Maybe saying you were sorry for the things you said to him just isn't enough; you really hurt his feelings...Nolan 8yrs
Vicki eat your supper; do you know there are children starving in the world? You should send them my food then Daddy....Vicki 5 yrs
Mommy no matter how big I get I will never outgrow you!...Nolan 8yrs
I want to be confirmed because I think that it will help me to see the full meaning of life and to lead me on the right path to heaven...Kohan 15yrs
Just look at that sunrise! How could you see that and not think the world is beautiful...Carly 10yrs
Can you read yet Sahara? No, but I can whistle!...Sahara 4yrs
Some of the most memorable heart affirming lessons we can learn come from are children whose insights are unblemished and virtuous. Pay extra attention the next time your child is saying something to you, it could be an unexpected life-changing gift.



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