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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Creating the Perfect Bedroom For Your Child

Whatever the age of your child creating the perfect bedroom for them is the key to them being happy and sleeping well. For younger children storage and play space are essentials whilst for older children the emphasis is more about areas to study and relax in.


When creating the perfect bedroom for a younger child, a toddler bed may be the best idea as it is low to floor and takes up less room than a full size bed. This can maximize play space, and they come in a variety of colors. For younger children there are many different storage options so that toys can be put away before bedtime after a full day of play. These include storage totes, traditional toy boxes and cabinets that storage boxes can be slid into allowing maximum storage space whilst taking up a small amount of precious play space on the floor. Younger children may also like colorful rugs on the floor, which are often available in their favorite TV character. The color of the walls in your young child's bedroom can be important. Some young children like bright colors that give them lots of visual stimulation.


As children grow, their bedroom may need to change. Mid sleepers and cabin beds are perfect for pre-teen children who still wish to maximize floor space for playing but require more clothes storage and a desk to color at or do their homework. Colors in pre-teen bedrooms tend to be slightly more subtle with pastel colors being widely used. Pre-teen children also like bookcases, shelves and dressing tables where they can keep all their little treasures neatly.


Once children hit their teenage years full size beds or high sleepers are perfect for them. If you have a large bedroom, then a full size bed with chest of drawers, wardrobe, bedside table, bookcase, desk and chair can make the room perfect for studying in. If there is still room, a comfy chair or sofa will offer them the perfect place to relax after all their studying. If you do not have a large room then a high sleeper offers the perfect solution for giving your teenager space to study, relax and sleep in. High sleepers offer the users the opportunity to have a desk and either a sofa bed, bookcase or storage space underneath.

This guest post was contributed by The Children's Furniture Company.  Whatever the age of your child choosing the right children's beds and bedroom furniture is an essential step in making their bedroom a fun place to play, study and sleep in.

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