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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Have age appropriate media at home when children are around

With my daughter getting older, she frequently has play dates with the neighbourhood kids.  Of course when the neighbours kids come over we let the parents know.  We also have a little talk to with the friend setting ground rules, such as clean up one mess before going to another room and making another mess.  Most recently we have had to add a rule of no-swearing in an attempt to keep our daughters language as clean as possible.
Most kids understand rules.  Most kids follow rules, especially when they are reinforced with reminders when they are drawing close to breaking the rule.

Later in the day, we had put a movie on. A couple of minutes later my daughter repeated a word that was very undesirable.

It is interesting that my wife and I were trying so hard to filter the kids who come over to play language that we had overlooked applying the filter to TV shows, movies and music.  We don’t want a foul mouth 4-year old, but we allow a foul mouth singer in our house.  Heck, we sometimes even blast those songs.
I think all parents need to have a check to see if what their child is watching, listening or playing is age appropriate.

Parents can follow the standards set out by rating companies that have pasted the cover of a movie, album, or game.  However, if you want to have a better review of a movie’s content try a website such as  If you want to know what’s in your child music, search for the lyrics to the particular song online.  If you want to know what the content is in the game your child is playing try visiting

Now I am not saying that we must always have the filter on, if you are alone in the car go ahead and listen to your music.  You can watch mom and dad movies without kids.  But when the kids are around that’s when age appropriate media should be on.

I challenge you to look through your movie, music, and gaming collection and make sure that what your child is interacting with is appropriate for them.

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Josh Lockhart Locking Hearts Together

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