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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Teaching Kids the Meaning of the 4th of July

When we think of the Fourth of July, images of fireworks, flags and barbecues come to mind. It's also a great time to talk to our children about the founding of our country and why we celebrate Independence Day. As we teach our children about America's independence, we can help foster an attitude of gratitude for those who have sacrificed for our freedom. 
  • Visit the Library 
    • Your local library has many picture books about the Fourth of July and the Founding Fathers.
  • Listen to Patriotic Music Together
  • Visit a Historical Site, if Possible
  • Start a Conversation
    • With little children, explain that we celebrate America's birthday on Independence Day. As children grow older, talk to them about what independence means.
  • Read and Discuss the Declaration of Independence Together
  • Rent a Movie about an American Heroine or Hero
  • Find Fun Fourth of July Activities
    • Help children make a flag out of construction paper or felt while talking about its symbolism.
    • Make a quill pen out of a clean feather and talk about the Declaration of Independence.
How do you help your children understand the meaning of the Fourth of July?

Written by:
Becky Herzog
Image by: Chris Sharp
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