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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Adventure Awaits at Your Public Library

When I was nine years old, I saw The Pagemaster for the first time. For any who haven't seen the movie, it is about a shy boy who, while visiting the library, is transformed into a cartoon and must work through obstacles from classic books to return to real life. From that moment on, I was entranced by the magic of the local library. I remember vowing to read every book on its countless shelves, and I would even take the longer way home from school so I could ride my bike past the library.

After school let out for the summer, I discovered that the children's wing held all kinds of activities to help enrich my love of reading and learning. At least once a week, my sister and I would ride down to attend a craft day or a story time. I am very grateful for the library and the patient librarians for developing and making available the summer activities each year. 

Now that I am older and have a daughter of my own, I have been paying attention to the various activities offered at our public library. I was very pleased to see that their children's wing was very strong with lots of summer activities planned for all age groups. They have crafts and their summer reading program is even open to my sixteen month old! I am excited and happy that my children will be able to fall in love with the library just as I did as a child. 

Many public libraries have children's wings as well as various summer activities. Not only will your child's love of reading be strengthened by going to the library, but they can make new friends and try new things such as crafts or storytelling. The library is also a great place to visit on those rainy summer days. Another great way for you to encourage your children is to participate in adult summer reading programs if they are offered at your library. When your children see your love and passion for reading and the library, their own excitement will grow as well.

What programs are offered at your public library? How will you take advantage of those programs?

Written by:
Becky Herzog
photo by: photostock 
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