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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fathers Day Gift Giving Ideas

I usually don’t write about gift giving ideas for Mother’s Day, because most people are aware of how to make this day work, and know what to give for gifts.  However, when it comes to Father’s Day, there is mass confusion, and a distortion in the media for gift giving ideas.

We are told to get dad the latest set of tools, a new computer, a car wash, socks, or the latest movie.  While these may be great gifts, it doesn’t provide the best gifts for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day, is just that, a day to recognize fathers.  So the idea of getting dad a gift to take and hide out in the garage is not a Father’s day gift, as it doesn’t fit into the fathering role.  If you are going to buy dad something for Father’s Day, like a movie, buy a movie that the family can watch, such as Megamind.  
A dad, even though he may not show it, does want to spend time with his kids.

Another great gift that you can get your father is something homemade.  This is a literal way of putting love and respect into a present.  However, when it comes to crafts, make something dad can use.  If he spends time in a truck, make something he can hang in there.  If dad wears a tie a lot, make him a tie he can use.  If dad has a desk, make a collage of pictures that can go on his desk.  Best way to customize the craft is to go to the library and find a craft book.  There are plenty to choose from.  In each one there will be enough ideas for you to make that perfect homemade gift for dad. (Watch a clip here of craft ideas to make with kids, also here is a list of 30 fathers day activities)

My favourite kind of gift, especially in this digital portable era is a homemade video.  This is something that can be done easily on your home computer.  Both Windows and Apples come with default movie making programs.  You can add pictures to this movie project from this past year.  You can add dad’s favourite song from this past year, or one that you know he would like to listen to while looking at pictures of his family.  Once the movie has been made it can be transferred onto dad’s laptop, iPod, iPhone or Blackberry.  Now dad will always have a slideshow of his family with him, where ever he goes!
No matter what you get or make for dad this Father’s Day, make sure you spend time with your dad.  Let him know that you love him, and that you appreciate him. He may not know how to display affection appropriately, but he will appreciate time spent with his family. (Watch a clip here of how to make a simple home made video)

Happy Father’s Day!

Written by:
Josh Lockhart Locking Hearts Together

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