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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day for the Fatherless

In a world where divorce is common place, and some fathers-to-be remove themselves from the family picture it is important to recognize the children in these situations.  While I do realize that I have primarily focused my topics with the mindset of the traditional family, this time I would like focus on the fatherless family.

I realize that it is now past Father's Day.  But this has been on my mind. The awkwardness of Father's Day for children whose fathers are not in the picture due to divorce, or for whatever reason, is a real hardship for them.  This can be quite uncomfortable and undesired for the child.

I know this first hand.  I was that child who in grade two, when every other child was making crafts for their fathers, was making another craft for my mother.  It was, in my grade two eyes, tragic.  The day has always been rather awkward and unwanted until I became a father myself.

The following are some ideas of activities and things to do on a fatherless Father's Day:
  • Most likely there is a man in the child's life that they admire, and may even emulate.  This may be an uncle, grandpa, family friend or a church leader.  Have your child make a craft for that individual.
  • If your child is a boy, and of an appropriate age, explain to them the important role a father can play in a child's life.
  • If your child is a girl, and at an age where they can understand relationships, talk to them about how important it is to be safe and secure in relationships.
  • If you know your child's class is doing something for fathers day; talk to your child's teacher about having them do something that is mom and dad friendly.
  • If dad has passed away, and sufficient time has passed for healing. Consider making a collage of your favourite pictures with him.
Most of all, realize that a lot of the Father's Day activities, like going to get ice cream or playing catch can still be done without dad there.  Time can still be enjoyed together, despite the emptiness of a father. Despite your situation, make the most of it.

Written by:
Josh Lockhart Locking Hearts Together

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