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Saturday, May 7, 2011

May is National Bike Month: 5 Ways to Celebrate as a Family

Spring is in full swing, a time that many of us clean out the garage and dust off our bicycles. With the trees blooming and the sun shining, it is no wonder that May is National Bike Month. Biking as a family is beneficial on several levels. There is the opportunity to spend time together, explore and appreciate nature and improve our health. Plus, it's great for the environment. Establishing a tradition of riding together regularly can instill in children and adolescents a lifelong love of the outdoors. Below are just a few ways to get out and celebrate National Bike Month.

  • Ride with your child to school and then commute to work
  • Ride to the park as a family and have a picnic
  • Call your local bike shop and see if they have community family bike rides. If they do not, consider working with them to set one up
  • Find a beginners off-road trail to explore
  • Ride to the library and check out books about bicycles

How will you celebrate with your family this month?

Written by:
Becky Herzog
photo by: vlado 

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