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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Happy Working Mothers Know

By Dyan Eybergen, BA, RN

Females have been nurturers and care takers since the dawn of time. And even with advanced improvement in societal acceptance of what dad can do to help balance the load, mothers are still seen as having the pivotal role in all that gets done at home. So when a mother is working full time and managing the bulk of family life responsibilities too, what does she do to take care of herself?

Here is what every happy working mother knows:

  1. What is most important in her life and she prioritizes accordingly. This means she has mastered the art of saying "NO " and therefore, does not overburden herself with commitments.

  2. Self-revitalization is a necessity. She is able to juggle both work and family because she realizes that she must re-energize herself first. She takes care of her emotional and physical health needs: she eats right, gets plenty of fluids and enough sleep, exercises regularly and engages in activities she enjoys that fulfills her spiritual needs.

  3. How important it is to surround herself with positive people who are supportive and willing to lend a helping hand when she asks for one.

  4. That she need not assume the responsibility for it all. She insists on her family's help with household chores (even a toddler can put napkins on the table).

  5. That she is human. She attempts to be the very best she can be on a daily basis and forgives herself when she makes mistakes. She takes with her the lessons she learned from those mistakes and incorporates them into her plan for work-life balance; she is always adapting to change and striving to achieve a steady state of equilibrium.

Typical nurturers almost always put others before themselves. They give and give until they have nothing left to give, which eventually means putting at risk their professional and personal well- being.

As a working mom your own happiness is critical -- because happy moms make happy children!



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