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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Come What May and Love It

I played a clip of Elder Wirthlin's talk while I cleaned up the house and before I knew it, the talk was over, and I hadn't heard much of what he said. So I replayed it again and sat down to watch it this time. I was touched by the line,

"The next time you are tempted to groan
you might try to laugh instead."

"Yes, I just might try that!" I thought to myself.
Then, before I could even finish the 3 minute clip, I was tempted to groan. My 4 year old son had dropped a new, large container of yogurt, busting out the bottom of the container, and sending strawberry yogurt onto the wall and floor. I would love to say that I handled the situation well, but I suppose I didn't. I went in and told him that I was tired, that I don't like messes, and  to add it all together, that I am tired of cleaning up messes. He felt sorry and I felt bad for grumbling. I told him, "Maybe we shouldn't fuss about this. Maybe we should just laugh and clean it up." He liked that idea and we both let out our loudest, fakest laughs, which made him giggle, and his giggle lighted my soul. I love that kid.
We continued to laugh as I cleaned and the baby smeared the mess around. We continued to laugh as I cleaned and he fell off his chair, spilling more yogurt.
My load was lightened by Elder Wirthlin's words and advice. My kids will live happier lives if I can successfully adopt the mantra "Come what may, and love it!"

By Lilly J

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