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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Richard and Linda Eyre's "Making Kids a Priority"

 I watched a local morning show today (Studio 5). They had Richard and Lind Eyre, the authors of parenting books, as their guests and I thought I would share a link to what they talked about today.
They talked about making kids a priority by setting aside one date night a month and devoting the evening to talking about five different parts of each of your children's lives. By doing this, they say you will be more open to opportunities to talk to your children about those five things when your children come to you ready to talk. They also suggested that if you were a single parent you could do this with a grandparent or a friend.
Click here to watch the authors and read the article on Studio 5's website.

Did you identify with what they shared? Do you think you'd be able to do this each month?

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