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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Parenting goals for 2011

What are your parenting goals and resolutions for 2011? Do you have specific things you want to improve in your parenting this year?
Regular reflection and goal setting in parenting is important. By choosing to be proactive and not reactive, we can work towards being the parent we want to be.
I am making a goal to play a game of my kids choice every day with them. It's so easy to put off play because of other things that need doing. I've been thinking about this article for some time and how to best make sure each of my kids gets individual time with me and also my husband on a regular basis.

I am also trying to continue being conscious of family traditions and making sure there are many in our family that are not just holiday themed. I have a list that I review and revise regularly.

What about you? What is your parenting goal(s)? Have previous articles here inspired you? What types of parenting articles would you like in the upcoming year? Please share!

By Malina. You can learn more about Malina and her family at her personal blog.

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