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Friday, December 10, 2010

Tips To Keep Your Child From Getting Sick

As we are in the midst of the cold and flu season, sickness is all around us. This time of the year is common for sickness and so we must take extra precautions to try to keep our children and families from getting sick. The following are some tips to help prevent your child from getting sick:
  • Have your child wash their hands often
  • Have your child use hand sanitizer
  • Make sure your child is wearing appropriate clothing for the weather--heavy, warm coats etc. in these winter months
  • Discourage your child from sharing food or drinks with other children--germs are easily spread through the sharing of these kinds of things
  • Make sure your child covers his/her mouth when they cough
  • Do not let your child go to a friend's house if you know the friend or some member of that family is sick or is just getting over being sick
  • Keep your home clean and sanitary
  • Give your child some sort of supplemental vitamin C either in the form of chewable tablets, gummy bears, etc--this will help boost your child's immune system

Implementing these strategies will help prevent sickness during this cold and flu season. What are some other things you have found helpful in preventing sickness in your families?

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