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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Drop side cribs banned

Do you own a drop side crib? This week the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously to ban drop side cribs. More than 30 children have died since 2000 because of drop side cribs. There have been dozens of recalls due to faulty or cheap hardware and now they will no longer be manufactured or sold. 

While this is a small part of infant deaths, it is sad because they are preventable deaths. The parents of these children thought they were being safe and the crib malfunctioned and their child died. 
We have a drop side crib, but it is currently in its toddler bed form and I guess now it will stay that way instead of going back to crib format. 
If you own a drop side crib, will you be throwing it out and getting a new crib?  What are your thoughts about this change in infant sleep practices? How does it affect you?

By Malina.
You can learn more about Malina and her family at her personal blog.

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