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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gospel Teaching and Learning

Lessons from a great talk called "Gospel Teaching and Learning" given by Brother David M. McConkie at the October 2010 LDS General Conference. The message was directed to all who have been called to teach. This includes all parents! We are all called to teach our children the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • "What matters most in learning is attitude. The attitude of the teacher. ... A teacher’s attitude is not taught; it’s caught. "David McCullough
  •  Immerse yourself in the scriptures. Study the scriptures daily individually and learn the gospel of our Savior well.
  • Apply in your own life the things you learn. Keep the commandments and be an example of living the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Seek to have the spirit with you to guide you. Real learning only takes place with the spirit present.
  • Act immediately on spiritual promptings!

Part of our sacred responsibility as parents is to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We cannot leave this responsibility up to other teachers at church. Sometimes we forget that our example teaches our children more than our words. We must be excellent examples to be excellent teachers. Our attitudes and our daily actions help our children know what we really believe.

Never let our children see us do anything we wouldn't want to see them doing also means make sure our children see us doing the things we want to see them doing. I know that images of my mother praying fervently are burned into my memory as an example of what she did and proof that she believed in what she said. I hope that my example to my children provide them with similar memories to help them in life.

How are you working to be a better gospel teacher to your children?

By Malina. You can learn more Malina and her family at her personal blog.



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