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Saturday, October 2, 2010

General Conference for kids

Today and tomorrow are the LDS General Annual Conference. Thanks to amazing technology, we get to watch and listen to conference at home, via the internet or television. I love the spiritual boost of general conference and expect to learn much, especially about parenting.

That being said, General Conference basically means eight hours of quietly listening, a herculean or impossible task for most kids. How can we help them enjoy and learn from conference too?

  • Have reasonable, age appropriate expectations. We only require our school aged kids to sit still and listen to the Sunday morning session. However if they are in the room where others are listening, they need to be respectful. 
  • Discuss how General Conference is like church at home so children know your expectations. Get them excited and help them prepare by helping them get to know the likely speakers.
  • Provide quiet appropriate activities like General Conference bingo, drawing pictures of the speakers or others available at the Friend's website.
  • Provide a small fun treat that is only given out when you hear a key word from speakers like "family". 
  • Create General Conference activity kits. Special note taking books, treats, activities, quiet toys, etc.
  • Have family traditions associated with conference - a special breakfast or dinner, perhaps a family game of football outside between sessions.
  • Play Conference Jeopardy for Family Home Evening after conference. Let people know ahead of time that it is coming so they can prepare. If you don't want to prepare your own questions, several blogs share theirs online after conference.
Other ideas can be found in previous Ensign articles like this one.  
Do you have any other ideas or tips to share?

By Malina. You can learn more Malina and her family at her personal blog.



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