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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moving with Toddlers

As you and your spouse found out by having a child, life changes. Sometimes, life will change again so that you can provide for your family. This may require a move. Also, you may need to move if you are finding your place too small for your growing family.

Moving can be hard on a toddler, even though they may not show it, because they are so resilient! Nonetheless, here are some suggestions for you to consider while moving.

  • Involve the toddler in packing and unpacking their bedroom to help them understand where their stuff is going.
  • On the big moving day (or days), have your child stay with a friend or family member so that they don’t get hurt or overwhelmed by all the changes.
  • Keep enough supplies and toys unpacked so that you can still meet your child’s needs during the transition.
  • Unpack enough of your child’s room so that they will feel comfortable.
  • Be prepared for night terrors or nightmares. Even though your child may show few symptoms of stress while awake, they may come out while sleeping.
  • Have a clear path from your toddlers bedroom to your bedroom. This way you can get to them in the dark without any pain, and same with your child.
  • If you are making a long distance move, make a trip out of it. Have fun on the drive, do sight seeing, if possible.
  • If the move is far, consider as a father doing the driving on your own, and having your wife and child(ren) stay behind and fly out when you arrive. This could minimize the stress on your family as a whole, but costs more.

Of course these are recommendations, and what each family does during a move can and will vary. These are just some things to trigger thoughts of what you should consider while moving with a toddler.

What are some things you have done while moving your children?

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