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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Day Care Debate

As we raise our children some of us may have to decide whether or not to place our child in day care. It is possible that day care may be the only option we have. Whether that is the case or not, it is important that we all know some of the pros and cons that recent research has found about day care.

  • High quality child care predicts enhance cognitive and language development
  • Children who receive high quality care are least likely to suffer negative effects (however, most day care is not high quality)
  • Parenting far outweighs the influence of day care in terms of social and emotional development
  • The more time spent in day care, the less positive and sensitive the mother-child relationship
  • Children in day care are more at risk to develop aggressive behavior
  • Early, extensive and continuous child care is a risk factor for child behavioral problems and less sensitive mother-child relationships (in addition to high quality, quantity and timing are also important factors that must be considered).
These points come from the article "The Science and Politics of Day Care: A Personal and Professional Odyssey" by Jay Belsky and Dr. David Nelson's BYU SFL 351 Lecture Material.

Some of us may find that it is necessary to put our child in day care; however, as we are aware of the protective factors (parenting) we can take the necessary steps to help our child have a positive experience during their time in child care.

What do you all think about the day care debate?



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