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Monday, June 21, 2010

Teen Texting: Part II The Texting Talk

Teen Texting:
Part II: The Texting Talk
by Linda Shaw

Have you ever felt left behind when trying to decipher your teen’s texting slang?
Do you have a need to know what the thumbs are texting?
Most parents feel more than a bit baffled by today’s texting lingo. How do you decipher the disconcerting from the acceptable when you can’t crack the code?
Teens have always created for themselves a world apart from their parents. Not only does texting allow for furtive communication, but it also it proves to be both quick and easy on the thumbs. Rather than plucking out the letters of an entire phrase, letter acronyms have found place in our vernacular. Some of the more common phrases include:
  • LOL (Laughing out Loud)
  • PAW (Parents are Watching)
  • KPC (Keep Parents Clueless)
  • TTYL (Talk To You Later)
  • B2W (Back To Work)
  • L8R (Later)
  • CU (See You)
  • OTB (Off to Bed)
  • PIR (Parents In Room)
  • BRB (Be Right Back)
As a parent it’s important to respect our children’s texting, but we also need to keep an ear to the texting track and protect them from 404 (being clueless). So often they want to KPC (Keep Parents Clueless), but in this fast paced world, wise parents will text a 459 (I love you) by learning to keep up on the new texting 411 (information).
Here are a few websites that will keep you ADVD (advised).
What do you think of all the new text language?
How has it affected your family communication?



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