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Friday, May 14, 2010

Parental Stress

Parenting is hard and stressful. Sometimes as parents, we have major crises that we have to work through with our children and often we turn to help in those times. But what about the basic daily hassles for being a parent? How do we manage the stress that comes with the everyday tasks of parenting?

Here are a few of suggestions:

  • Make use of your resources (for example, friends, neighbors, family, etc.)
  • Know your limits—it is okay (and sometimes necessary) for you to take a break (for example, put yourself in “time-out” while you compose yourself)
  • In addition, taking time for yourself is important. You need to be able to re-energize and do something for yourself in order to be able to keep up with your parenting demands. Taking time to get away and do something you enjoy does not make you a bad parent

These are just a few of many ways to help us manage the everyday stress of parenting. What do you to manage parental stress? What helps you handle the daily hassles of being a parent?



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