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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting in on the Fun

I was given some wise advice a few years ago that I would like to share with you. The advice was this: Make sure you do not become a sideline parent. The person who shared this was referring to parents who may plan fun activities for their children, but do not participate. I think we have all seen parents who are good parents, but may struggle in this area. As summer approaches, here are some ways to get in on the fun with our children:

  • Be the parent who actually gets in the pool with your child and isn't afraid to get your hair wet.
  • Get in on the waterfights and wading pool parties in the backyard. Do not be afraid of what the neighbors will think.
  • Play sports with your children even if you feel you are not good at them. Volunteer to coach your child's sports team.
  • Start up a new hobby with your child: guitar lessons, art lessons, letterboxing (, etc.
  • Get out and play with the sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and jumprope.
I guess the basic idea here is to not be afraid to act like a kid with your own kid. You may be surprised how much fun you have and how much your child loves your participation.
What are some other ideas that encourage hands-on, involved parenting? Do you think it is important that mothers and fathers do not just sit on the sideline?



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