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Friday, March 5, 2010


Have you ever wondered why some children seem so much easier to deal with than others?
A lot of a child's responsiveness is based upon the temperament of the child.

Temperament is defined as an individual's characteristic modes of emotional and behavioral responding to the environment. This is often examined in terms of a child's:

  • Activity Level
  • Irritability/Negative Emotionality
  • Soothability
  • Fearfulness
  • Sociability
There are three general types of attachment:
  • Easy: these children tend to adapt easily to new experiences, generally display positive moods and emotions
  • Slow-to-warm up: these children tend to have a low activity level, withdraw from new situations and people, slow to adapt to new experiences
  • Difficult: these children tend to be very emotional, irritable and fussy
It is important for parents to recognize these different temperaments and be willing to change their parenting to fit the child. For example, a child with an easy temperament may have no problem going to bed on his/her own; however, a child with a slow-to-warm up temperament may need more assistance.

This is just a simple example. Do you have any others? How do you think parents can adapt to their child's temperament?



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