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Friday, March 19, 2010

4 kids cartoons that I would recommend

There have been a lot of times when I have wondered if there was anything good or wholesome on TV...I know this is an exaggeration, but seriously there can be so much filth out there. And this is why I am writing this post. As I have watched some Saturday and weekday morning cartoons with my little girl, I have been pleasantly surprised. I'm sure there are other wholesome cartoons out there (all we have is a limited antenna), but I would like to recommend 4 cartoons to you today:

(1) Busytown Mysteries - In this cartoon, the characters end up playing detectives as they find out that there is always a mystery in busytown. It goes through the process of finding evidence to support your claims, works on putting events together in sequences, and definitely helps children to problem solve and use their reasoning potential. The clip below is only the theme song for the show.

(2) Super Why - This show is amazing! It deals with spelling, rhyming, commonly mispronounced sounds, problem solving, reading, etc. It also introduces common storybooks to children, such as The Three Little Pigs, etc. Need I say more!? Great show!

(3) Dinosaur Train - This show is more fun, than educational--although it is definitely educational in the sense that your children will be learning about dinosaurs and the different dinosaur periods (such as the Cretaceous, etc.). It also promotes being accepting of diversity and adoption as buddy is a T-Rex but lives with a Teranadon family (even though we all know dinosaurs probably weren't that nice and kind in reality).

(4) Sid the Science Kid - In this show, Sid has a very affectionate, effective, and playful father, which is nice since fathers usually aren't the ones featured as the effective parents (in the mass media). It deals with your basic science principles on a level that kids can understand. It also encourages imagination and pretend play, which is wonderful for children's intellectual and social development. It really makes science fun!

What other cartoons would you recommend?



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