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Friday, February 26, 2010

Hands on Learning

Research has shown that children learn better when they experience learning in a hands on environment rather than just being taught about it. For example, if you are teaching your children about zoo animals they will learn better by going to the zoo then just talking about it.

Why is hands on learning so good?

The research has shown that children remember better when they can be actively involved in the learning process.

So how can we as parents, do this?

Here are some suggestions of ways to involve your children in hands on learning:

  • Read books, show pictures, etc.
  • Play games such as matching, etc.
  • Arts and crafts, for example if you are teaching your child about primary and secondary colors play with finger paint and help them make and create secondary colors from the primary colors
These are just a few suggestions of ways to actively involve your children in the learning process so that it is more effective then just talking to them about it. What other examples or ideas to you all have?



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