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Friday, January 8, 2010



My name is Brandon McDaniel, and I am currently an undergraduate student at BYU. I am fascinated by topics such as child development, child guidance, moral development, family theories, family life education, and many other topics. To be brief, I want to extend some of the knowledge and information that I am gaining about parenting and child development to all of you.

Keep checking back. I will be posting on here at least once a week, and soon we may have other qualified authors--such as child development specialists and university faculty members--writing posts as well.

For you to understand a little bit about where I am coming from, I identify with ideas such as those of Vgostsky and his sociocultural theory (although these are not the only ideas that I identify with), which proposed:

"Children engage in dialogues with more expert members of their culture, they integrate the language of those interactions into their inner mental lives and use it to think, overcome challenges, and guide their own behavior."


There is much more to come!



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