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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Power of Traditions

Traditions have been found to be:

  • A source of strength
  • A source of identity
  • A source of connections between generations
  • A source of faith and meaning
Traditions foster family unity giving children something to believe in and belong to. Traditions can be extravagant, such as a family vacation, or they can be simple, such as playing a game together. Spending time as a family will strengthen the family as a whole as well as the individuals. Do not underestimate the power of traditions!

Top 15 Family Traditions (Newell, L. Traditions: A foundation for strong families, Marriage & Families, 5)
As reported by 84 families and their college-age son or daughter enrolled in introductory marriage and family courses at Utah State University. From Jay D. Schvaneveidt and Thomas R. Lee, "The Emergence and Practice of Ritual in the American Family." Family Perspective. 17(3) (1983); 137-143, 139.

1) Christmas
2) Birthdays
3) Family vacation
4) Easter
5) Sunday dinner
6) Visits to relatives
7) Fixed time for supper
8) Thanksgiving
9) Family reunions
10) Family prayer
11) Housecleaning routines
12) New Year's Day
13) New Year's Eve
14) Father cooking dinner
15) Dinner-table seating



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