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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Perfect Parents

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and that you don't measure up to other parents?

It is so easy for us as parents to get caught up in what I like to call "the better-than game." We always look at another parent (or set of parents) and their child and begin measuring ourselves against them. I've heard comments like, "Man, I wish I was like that," or "She is such a better mom than I am," etc. But wait...Do you really know the whole story? Are you around this person every minute of every day to see what is really going on? Beside this, we also critique other parents (probably in an effort to make ourselves feel better). For instance..."Did you see what she just did honey? We'd never do that!"

Why do we do this? Social comparison is the worst way to try to find our worth as a parent and as an individual. According to our perceptions, we can always find someone smarter, prettier, nicer, etc. In reality, we should be ok with not being "perfect," since NONE OF US ARE! We should do our best, lift up the parents around us (instead of tearing them down), and understand that our perceptions of someone else's "perfect example of parenting" are typically inaccurate.

I recently read a post by a fellow 'parent blogger,' and I believe we could all benefit from her honest and candid story. Click here to read her story. (You'll love reading this)

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